Due to its geographic location in the "heart of the Croatia" and because of the proximity of the borders with Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina when visiting us you have many opportunities to see a wider area through day trips. Zagreb, the Croatian capital (50 km) is very near, Plitvice Lakes National Park (85 km) as well as the proximity of Gorski kotar centered in Delnice (70 km). Gorski kotar is a hilly forest area that divides Pokuplje of the Kvarner Bay (Adriatic Sea) and provides the possibility to visit the many natural attractions such as the National Park Risnjak,  Kamačnik canyon and Devil's Pass, caves, rivers, lakes, forests, mountains, tamed villages. For each of your additional interests, I am at your disposal, not only as your host but also as a licensed tourist guide.

Here we offer virtual walks to major cities of our county. We hope that you will find something that you'll like:

Duga Resa - town with exceptional industrial heritage, St. Peter (archaeological site with the church), Vinica hill...see virtual walk with commentary and find out more about this town!

Karlovac - Six pointed star shaped renaissance town, old castle Dubovac, Museum of the Homeland War, Pauline monastery Kamensko - those are just some of the features for the visitor.

Ogulin - Franciscan citadel, the legend of Đula and her abyss (longest cave system in Croatia), Klek mountain, Sabljaci lake.

Ozalj - Nice small town with old castle on the rock above the Kupa river, one of the oldest hydropower plants in Croatia, etno park, Vivodina wine growing area, Pauline monastery and church in Svetice

Slunj – old Rastoke mills, old town, and Napoleon's warehouse.

Ideas for your active holiday.

Interesting facts about Karlovac County

Old towns! - Karlovac County has a number of old towns, mostly built during the defense against the Turks. In addition to the already mentioned Barilovic , Bosiljevo Cetingrad Dreznik grad Modrus next Josipdol , the old town of Novigrad above the river Dobra, where we can visit the ancient bridge over the river, the beautiful and the only one still intact Wasserburg (Watertown) Ribnik, which played his role in numerous movies. In Tounj we can see a two-story stone bridge from the 18th century.

Other natural attractions: Caves equipped for a visit - Vrlovka in Kamanje and Barac caves near the Rakovica town. Next, to the town of Vojnić you can visit the Tourist Centre Petrova Gora, famous for its gastronomy and trekking trails. Finally, near the town of Generalski Stol there is Lešće Spa where you can enjoy the benefits of thermal groundwater.

Here we can add a multitude of opportunities to visit the wine roads and cheese farms where there is a great opportunity to enjoy the local gastronomy.